DC and AC Motors

DC electric motors and AC AC motors can be applied to simple devices that can be seen in the routine of the entire population, such as truck, household appliances, forklifts, buses, portable machines and tools, in the case of current to be continued.

AC motors can be seen on equipment such as water pumps, compressors and machines used in industry in general. AC motors are more used than DC motors because of the different factors, among them, the construction and maintenance which is simpler, they have a longer life span, if it is for the same power of a motor of current, it becomes cheaper.

Electrical components are essentially electrical machines whose main purpose is to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy. It can be said that electric motors are considered as the most distributed of all other types of existing motors, because of different factors, such as combining the conveniences of using electric power, which has a low cost, transportation and easy cleaning and simplicity of control, since it presents a simple construction, low cost and great versatility and adapts to different loads.


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