Grease in electric machines

On grease engines, at the precise moment of relubrication of their bearings with the machine in complete rest, it is necessary to carry out a thorough cleaning of the vicinity of the grease entry holes. It is extremely important that approximately half of the recommended total grease is placed on the nameplate of the electric motor, and thus cause the motor to rotate for about one minute at the rated speed. It is necessary to switch off the engine so that the remaining grease is put in and afterwards, put the grease inlet protection again.

For the process of relubrication of the bearings at the moment the engine is in operation, it is important that the person responsible for the action be careful to clean the vicinity of the grease entry hole and, as in electric motors 9003-2040 B40 without grease, under no circumstances should you forget to put the recommended total amount of grease on the motor nameplate and then replace the grease entry guard. In greaseless electric motors, lubrication must be performed as described in the existing preventive maintenance plan. Disassembly and assembly of this type of motor must be made in accordance with the specifications described by the manufacturer.

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