The Three Phase Motors

The three-phase induction electric motor is the most used type, not only in industries, but also in the domestic environment because it has most current three-phase AC power distribution systems. The use of three-phase induction motors is indicated from 2 KW. For smaller power units, the use of single phase power supplies is indicated. The three-phase induction motor offers advantages to the single-phase, for example, has easy start-up, very low noise level and reduced price for power above 2KW.

The squirrel cage engine is the most used in the industry today, since it is cheaper in relation to single-phase motors, not only in its construction, but also in its use. Otherwise, if you make the ideal choice of the boot method, it will have a wider range of applications. The squirrel cage rotor is formed by a core of ferromagnetic plates, isolated from each other, in which are placed the conductors, disposed parallel to one another and joined at their ends by two aluminum conducting rings, which generates a short- Circuit in the conductors.

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