Mechanical Protection of Motors

Electric motors need to be protected and handled in a special way, both for servicing the operator and against harmful external influences on the machine, ensuring safety requirements, thus preventing accidents and fires.  hose reels The motor housing is used to secure it to the workplace and protect it from the external environment where it will be installed.

The motor casing is made in such a way that it joins the various mechanical protection modalities to cover the requirements of the current regulations related to the installations and machines for which the motors are intended. In this way, fundamentally, the mechanical protections fall into three categories:

– Drip and splash proof – they are fully enclosed and explosion proof and all their rotating parts or under tension, are guarded against dripping water from all directions, not allowing the direct or indirect entry of drops or particles of liquids or solid objects that are thrown over the engine.

– fully enclosed – electric motor designed so that there is no way to change the cooling medium between the exterior and the interior of the enclosure. Depending on the required characteristics, these motors may or may not have extra fan for cooling.

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